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How To Create A Cosy Master Bedroom


Creating a cosy master bedroom can be a reflection of the sort of individual you are, not only that but experimenting and creating a bedroom from scratch is satisfying and an enjoyable project. It’s somewhere to kick off those shoes and leave the day of work behind you. Having the right furniture, lighting, and decor around you will help you relax and appreciate your time at home. Lighting can make all the difference in a room so it’s certainly something to pay attention to. If you take a look at this site here, you’ll be able to find a suitable electrician for any lighting work you need doing.

Plan Ahead

Lists are a good way of jotting down ideas when planning to create anything, and a bedroom is no exception…

  • Make a note of products you see and fall in love with. Use Houzz or a simple interiors magazine for inspiration, from lighting to bed styles to paints that caught your eye.
  • Draw up a list of must-haves like wardrobes and other storage including shelves and decide what sort suits the room best.
  • Now don’t feel that you have to fill the entire space with things. As consumers and designers, often have an incline to fill every space. Instead, use shelving or a small bookcase to save space and open up the room.
  • Wardrobes with mirrored fronts can give the room a larger feel, or perhaps a wooden storage trunk at the end of the bed. A wonderful feature that doubles-up as somewhere for bedding as well as seating, throw some funky cushions and we’re starting to see something interesting.
  • Draw out a plan of the room with dimensions and look at variations on where furniture will go.

Furniture – “What Do I Need?”

Your master bedroom is your retreat after a long day, somewhere you can laze in on a Sunday morning, where you can close the door and be in your personal place. The last thing you need is it full of clutter so storage space to suit you as well as the size of the room is essential. You’ll also want to make sure that you have the perfect bed, why not take a look at something like this white high gloss bed. You’ll want something that is comfy and stylish for your room.

You may choose a walk-in wardrobe to store your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Possibly a space-saving sliding door option would work well in your bedroom so things can be stored away with ease and style. Choose a bed you love, do a significant amount of research, try some out in the shop and find the most comfortable one for yourself, like the Leesa or the Casper mattress.

If you have the space, perhaps a rustic leather chair, or chic side table to display family photographs or to leave the novel you’ve been reading beside your bed. Or even a bold standing lamp to create a vertical visual highlight in the room, stand-up lamps also bring the viewer gaze up to the ceiling creating a greater sense of exposed space in the room.

Decorating – “What Colours Are Best?”

The choice of colour for a master bedroom is essential when creating the right ambience.

You can choose one colour for all four walls to highlight one of them as a feature wall with a darker, contrasting colour. Alternatively, you can always go for wallpaper, which is trending right now, many designers are suggesting wallpaper to one side of a wall or a single panel in fact. This creates a slicing effect and contrast colour schemes. Choose bold floral patterns to bring nature inside and pick out a colour you can paint woodwork with or other walls. Delicate candy stripes and contrasting borders, either around the middle of the room or up at ceiling height make for a light and airy feel.


If you have gone for a fairly monotone colour scheme, then a subtle dash of colour for the throw at the foot of your bed can be a lovely touch.



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