Design Process


The Concept Phase

The initial concept phase in the design process is crucial to us and we carefully listen and take onboard all of our clients desires and needs. We strongly believe through communication, idea sharing and collaboratively improvements we can set up a detailed and accurate base for what you, as a client, wish for. You may have a Pinterest board, some sketches or even a photograph of what you have in mind. From this, we can begin to start the design process. We also often work with interior designers and architectural firms and use their CAD drawings as well your input to allow for production to begin. Once we have an initial concept and rough indication of dimensions we can offer an estimated cost for you.


Creating a brief

Once we have discussed initial ideas, we will visit your home, measure and discuss in depth, your required and desired aesthetics such as finishes, materials, fixtures and hardware.


Design Development

After a visit to your home or a meeting in our showroom, we will begin forming a 3D CAD drawing for you, tailored to your precise requirements, all with the option of easily tweaking and amending the dimensions as we progress further.

It is at this stage that we will create a detailed and comprehensive quotation for you to consider.


Your Approval

Once you have placed your order, we will create a highly detailed and fully-rendered 3D CAD model for you to approve. The specialist software we use allows us to easily adjust the design, enabling you to change the look, feel and overall aesthetic of your CAD model drawing.


Into production

Then through a balanced combination of hand-made and machine-based techniques, your design is converted into the physical. The CAD design is converted into a readable CAM code allowing for our equipment to precisely cut the wood into the exact pieces needed for assembly. These cut segments are then carefully sanded, shaven, edged and assembled by our experienced craftsmen to ensure everything fits together perfectly, whilst constantly undergoing quality checks. The piece is then dismantled, painted and/or lacquered by our specialist wood painter for it to be ready for delivery. We usually allow two-three weeks for the stage depending on our workload.



Finally, our installation team of fitters will then visit your property to install your new piece of bespoke furniture. Due to our dry fit process in the workshop, we already know everything fits perfectly, reducing time spent in your home. Our fitters are friendly, professional and will treat your home with respect and care. Simple and small installations can be completed in less than days, more significant pieces and projects do take longer.