Contemporary media unit is finishing touch for modern home in Chiswick

We have built a number of bespoke media units recently and we are particularly pleased with this piece we created for a client living at a property in Bedford Park, an historical area of Chiswick, west London.

Tip-on Blum

The wall-length unit is a cohesive assortment of box shelves, cabinets and push-to-open cupboards, purpose-built to surround the main television screen in the centre and designed to display books and works of art to best effect.

We would like to take full credit for the design of this unit but the truth is that Lucie Clare Watson from the interior design company Watson & Watson had the vision for this exceptional and unique piece of furniture. We listened to LC’s brief and produced drawings which were amended several times to get to what we felt was a strong look and brave colours of which only interior designers have the confidence to pull off. We produce a lot of furniture directly for end user clients and more often than not the client will chose a white colour, to play it safer so to speak. One of the benefits we find with interior designers is they are not afraid to specify strong colours and use adventurous fabrics which generally result in a remarkable piece of furniture.

Below the screen, a soft-drop opening cabinet on stays provides ample room for the amp, Sky box and Blu-Ray player, while additional cabinets across the bottom of the unit use Tip-on Blum motion technology, ensuring they open and close incredibly smoothly.

Corian countertop

For the countertop we chose a material called Corian, an acrylic/aluminium compound which allowed us to use one solid, seamless piece along all five metres of the unit. This would not have been possible if we had used another material, such as stone or a wood veneer, where we would have had to create joins, which we felt might detract from the overall look.

Corian is an incredible material made by a company called DuPont. It is a solid surface that can be bent to make sinks and other curves while maintaining its strength and colour shade. We are a Corian approved fabricator, which means we have trained to work with the material to produce the highest quality worktops and solid surfaces.

Asymmetrical look

For the lighting in the unit, we worked in conjunction with John Cullen who are expert lighting designers and manufacturers. For this project LED lights were sunk back into the unit at 30° – hiding the actual fixture but spreading the light fully across the back of the box shelves.

We chose to only highlight certain boxes, so as to complement the asymmetrical look of the unit. The back of the box shelves are covered with a vinyl wall covering designed by a company called Tektura, which make an incredible range of wall coverings. The gold shade we used here is both aesthetically pleasing and durable, and provides an extra dimension and contrast to the rich aubergine colour of the main unit and if look closely you can see that we managed to match the speaker fabric to chosen spray paint colour.

Smooth, contemporary finish

The main unit is formed from sprayed-painted MDF. MDF provides a smooth, contemporary finish and is a hard material that is conducive to routing and creating grooves, which results in joint-free units.

Had we used solid wood, it would have expanded and contracted over while some of the grains could have shown through the paint. MDF gave us the look and feel that best complemented the modern-style house where the unit was installed.



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