Clever bedroom designs help to make children’s dreams come true

Most children dream of having a bedroom designed for fun with playful nooks and crannies, and here at Creative Woodwork we’ve been lucky enough to help make these wishes come true for numerous little ones over the years.

While we are also happy to work to a tight brief – typically, clients who ask us to make over their child’s room tend to give us carte blanche to come up with the best solution for the space available.

Both neat and fun

They may have some set requirements, such as a need for a fixed number of beds, a desk and desk light. Clever storage also tends to be a necessity. But beyond this, it’s a chance for us to bring our craftsmanship and years of expertise to bear to create something special. It’s a chance we relish.

Our aim is to make children’s bedrooms both neat and fun – including playful details such as fireman’s poles, Perspex guard rails and staggered box shelves.

Making the most of small spaces

Often we are working in tight confines – young children’s bedrooms tend to be small – so making good use of space is paramount. In these instances, we may use devices such as mezzanine levels, include ladders on counter-weights and feature shelving or seating that doubles as clothes drawers.

Slide-out trundle beds are also increasingly popular, to provide an extra bed if a friend comes around for a sleep-over.

Working to a client’s specifications, we can source the right coloured woods and materials that fit in with their choice of scheme.

Getting into the mind of a child

This is where bespoke bedroom furniture comes into its own as it can be designed specifically for a space and the precise requirements of the family.

We really enjoy designing children’s bedrooms as it offers a chance to get into a child’s frame of mind and include things you know they will find exciting – maybe, things we wished we’d had in our bedrooms when we were growing up.


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