We love designing customised children’s bedrooms as it’s a chance to get into a child’s frame of mind and include things you know they will find exciting (maybe things we wished we’d had in our own bedrooms when we were growing up).

Children’s rooms require thoughtful and detailed product design to provide the best value and create the ideal space to meet a child’s changing needs, as they grow, from playroom and bedroom, to bedroom and study area, or place to hang out with friends.

Long-lasting and safe

Creative Woodwork installs beautiful, intelligently designed, long-lasting and safe bedroom furniture for children. Our bespoke children’s bedroom furniture range includes space saving wardrobes, bunk beds, desks, smart storage units and lots of special stuff you and your kids will love. We design with function and fun in mind and understand the need to keep your kid’s space clean and manageable.

creative spaces for children

We take the extra time to design thoughtfully creative spaces with children in mind. We manufacture children’s furniture carefully to ensure maximum durability and optimal functionality, and to create inspirational spaces your child will thrive in. With an eye on your children’s future, we believe that it is important to use environmentally friendly materials that are sourced responsibly and sustainably.

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