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5 Reason’s Why Bespoke Furniture Is The Right Choice


1. Personalise your home 

We all know you can pop down to your local furniture store to get that wardrobe you always wanted…..but will you be getting the most out of the space that you have?

Here at Creative Woodwork we can offer you choice and flexibility, helping you on your way by designing the piece you have always desired. We will assist you through the selection process, create a brief, and discuss the options, showcasing our beautiful array of wood finishes, hardware suppliers and sizing specifications. Choosing bespoke and fine tuning every detail of what makes up that wardrobe of yours is the only way to do this, ensuring that it fits in with your home’s aesthetic and general decor. If you weigh up the benefits of choosing bespoke built-in furniture over cheaper mass-produced products, you are going to want to choose the tailor-made option every time.


2. Enjoy the look and feel of high-end, sustainable wood

If you desire that rich, high-end finish to your built-in furniture you are going to want the best solid woods available. From Oak to Walnut or even Elm you’re going to need a woodworking specialist with the right contacts and suppliers to firstly ensure, it comes from an FSC certified source, a global body ensuring that the wood being used is harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable. Secondly, to ensure the company dealing with your bespoke tabletop, wardrobe doors or bedside table knows what they are doing, and takes the time and care to get the best out of the wood, with minimal wastage.

Image Credit: FCI London 

3. Making use of empty space

We all know designing the interior of our house is largely driven by our desire for that look! But we also know making use of that precious space (especially if you live in a London property) is fundamental when selecting what goes where. If you decide to go bespoke you can make the best use of any empty space you may have, filling those parts of the room with a custom built space-saving solution.

4. Define space with extra storage space

Not only can you make use of the empty space, but you can also redefine that space and in doing so, create useful, extra storage. Just like this corner bookcase unit or the shelves below.


Image Credit: Home Guide 

5. Get something that lasts


A cheaper, store bought alternative to built-in bespoke furniture is certainly a bit of a quick fix but is it going to stand the test of time? Here at Creative Woodwork, we believe in the durability of our work providing you with unique, well made pieces, crafted with care and attention. If you do choose bespoke, it will not only be specific to your home’s architectural interior, but it will last…

The only real reason we as homeowners and consumers tend to change something such as a piece of bespoke furniture is usually down to a change in taste not the durability of the piece. 

Finally and most importantly, these one-off pieces can not only be used and enjoyed for your own benefit at this moment in time, but they will add value to your home, making it a worthwhile investment.






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