We like to keep one eye on the latest interior design trends – partly because it is our business to do so, and partly because we just love to see images of beautifully decorated rooms…

1. Calm, minimal designs

Homeowners are running with the “less is more” notion in the master bedroom and opting for fewer and more minimalist furnishings. Instead of having lots of furniture for storage, we expect to see people start to de-clutter, keeping belongings in larger and less fussy units.


Calm bedroom



2. Fitted furniture and storage

Interior designer Julia Kendell says ‘the focus for the year ahead will be on functionality in the bedroom‘.

 What is more functional than having your furniture fit not only your space, but your lifestyle too? A bespoke wardrobe not only saves space and provides superior storage, but it de-clutters your lifestyle and makes experiences like the morning routine go that much smoother. This notion of serenity in the bedroom is why people in 2018 are expected to give more thought and authority to having high quality, bespoke wardrobes.


Fitted furniture


3. Wallpaper photography

This innovation to make rooms more open and spacious has taken the internet by storm, trending on the likes of Pinterest and Instagram.


Wall paper




4. Bigger beds

The number of larger beds purchased in 2017 is on the rise, as research from the Sleep Council’s 2017 Great British Bedtime Report reveals. The number of people buying king sized bed increased from 20% in 2013 to 32%, indicating a change in consumer behavior.


Big beds


5. Gold accessories

Copper is on the way out! Overuse of the ‘rose gold’ shade in 2016/2017 has lead to some people saying it appears tacky and as if interiors are trying too hard. In its place, gold and brassy tones will make a move into our homes, as the metallic finish is expected to balance out the natural materials and plants that are also trending for 2018.






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