• Walnut bookcase

Custom made bookcases and shelving

Books are our treasures, things of aesthetic beauty and our windows on other worlds.  Similarly, over time, we accumulate memories in gifts and keepsakes from friends and family which need spaces to show them off. On top of these precious things come our everyday items that we want kept to hand, but tidied away.

Bespoke cabinets, bookcases and shelving units offer a practical storage solution for your ornaments, books, DVDs and general stuff.  However, intelligent living room storage also offers an opportunity to really build character into a room, with great decorative features that enhance the look and value of your home and make a place yours.

Creative Woodwork offer a great range of stylish contemporary and classic bookcases and space saving shelving units, making it easier than ever to find an attractive and effective solution to your ever-increasing storage needs.

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