Frequently asked questions

How long does the process take?
After our initial in-home consultation, your designs and quotation will be ready for viewing at our showroom in about a week. Once you have agreed the quotation, you should allow about 2 weeks for the detailed drawings to be sent to you for your approval prior to manufacturing. The lead time following is then usually about 4-6 weeks until installation.

Can I get an initial consultation if the building works in the room are not finished?
Yes, as long as you have plans and dimensions. In fact it’s a good time to discuss your project at this stage so decisions for electrical, lighting, plumbing, etc can be co-ordinated with your furniture plans.

How much work is done on-site?
The majority of the work is done at our workshop prior to the installation, although a bit of cutting is usually done on-site in order to achieve a complete fit with walls, ceilings and floors that are not square or level.

Do I have to be home during installation?
We only ask that you be home at the start of the installation to give our fitters access. If you then have plans to be out, you can give them keys and they can carry out the installation until complete.

Can I use my own builder or contractors for all or part of the installation?
Yes. We can install the cabinets only and work with your electricians, plumbers and decorators so the whole job comes together as planned. We can also just supply the units if you already have a builder or fitter that you would like to do the installation.

Can I see your work?
Absolutely. We encourage you to come to our workshop and showroom where you will not only be able to see examples of finished work but also works in progress. Once we have started on your project, you are welcome to come and see your own project in the manufacturing process.

What is your guarantee?
We offer a 6-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects.