Fitted wardrobe, meet London loft

There’s more to this loft fitted wardrobe than meets the eye. Creative Woodwork is experienced in building furniture to fit in loft spaces, under slanted roofs and around chimney breasts, but in this Chiswick house there was a real issue with space. With less than 600mm between the wardrobe door and the bed, we had to make a skinny door that could be opened into the tiny space. We also used sliding doors and a drop down hanging rail inside to make the most of this wardrobe – and the loft space around it.

Designed not just for your space, but for your lifestyle…

The couple who share the bedroom often work different shift patterns, so we also had to be clever about the lighting. Each compartment of the wardrobe is individually lit and the soft lights are activated by individual motion sensors so it doesn’t light up like a Christmas tree every time you reach for a pair of socks.

For the finish they wanted leather without visible seams or stitching for the doors. We enlisted the help of our friends at Kingston Traditional Upholstery to get the right effect, while we concentrated on making sure the wood surround flowed (you can’t see it in the picture, but there are matching cupboards either side of the bed that integrate with the wardrobe and the bedhead). We used wenge, a dark, deep-grained hardwood that comes out in mellow brown-black perfect for bedrooms.

So, more than just a fitted wardrobe for a loft then. It goes to show it’s worth thinking about the details when you’re converting or building loft space, basements and extensions.


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