Fitted AV unit in Kensington

TVs are ugly. There, we said it. But that doesn’t mean they have to wreck your carefully planned room. We were called to a Kensington mansion flat to create a bespoke housing for this AV system, which integrates a TV and home cinema system into a beautifully-finished fitted cabinet.

Design and conquer…

The base unit has soft-open drop down flaps that reveal the home cinema kit, and push catch doors that open into handy media storage compartments. A fabric grille at the very bottom conceals a sub woofer, while beneath the TV a Sonos Playbar creates virtual surround sound. The television itself is mounted on a retractable bracket, and fits flush and tight when pushed back into place.

We topped off the design with LED-lit alcoves and further storage at the top, and painted the bespoke media unit in a custom colour specified by the client. TV’s are still ugly, but that doesn’t mean they can’t wear beautifully-tailored clothes.

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